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Childhood Revisited

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Anna and I met at Patch High School in Stuttgart, Germany. While I grew up in Stuttgart, she had just moved there from Brussels, Belgium for her freshman year. After a while we both learned about our mutual connection to Colorado Springs, a place we both referenced as "home" in the states.

While living overseas, both of our parents still owned homes in similar neighborhoods. Anna and I were able to relate childhood memories from our times living in our "homes." We also both had in-state tuition in Colorado, which led to us both going to Colorado State University and being roommates in the dorms.

After our freshman year at CSU, Anna's family moved back to the Springs and into their home they had been away from for many years. The butterfly fan in Anna's bedroom stayed put, along with the castle she used to play on in her backyard. Before her family moved in, I watched Anna sage the empty home to clear the energy from previous renters.

We headed to a field right near her backyard where she used to play. She calls this dress her "Sabrina dress" because it reminds her of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I agree.

Last May, Anna graduated with a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies and moved home to save money while she works a full time job and earns her Masters online for Social Work at Rutgers University.

Colorado Springs is mostly made of suburbs and open spaces, and though it felt magical during our childhood, the sprawl is not the best for this stage in our lives. We do cherish what we can, like the spaces we used to play in.

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