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Spring Break in Puerto Rico

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

During my final year at CSU, a few friends and I traded the cold in Colorado for some Puerto Rican sun. We flew out of the Denver airport to Fort Lauderdale, FL and connected for San Juan, PR. We then drove 40 minutes west toward Vega Baja.

The Birth of Venus pt. 2

Sandy Swimsuits

On the way to breakfast I saw wild horses galloping on the road and iguanas basking in the sun. We visited a few beaches in Vega Baja. My favorite one had powerful waves that knocked you down, keeping you engulfed in thick, sandy foam.

Zip Lines

We spent our second day zip lining at ToroVerde adventure park. We followed a course of zip-lines that got progressively longer and higher until a truck brought a group of us to the second longest zip-line in the park called "The Beast." Jimmy Fallon tried largest one, "The Monster." I have always been afraid of heights, so I was beginning to panic while gearing up for the last ride. I was about to land on the platform of the other side, but instead of it absorbing my impact, it pushed me back. I proceeded to slowly slide backwards into the middle of the line while laying on my belly about 800 feet in the air.

Water Slides

This natural water slide and swimming area is technically located in a family's backyard, so in order to visit you must pay a small fee and be respectful (obviously).

Rum Tasting

After a generous rum tasting at the Bacardi Factory, we took a Lyft to downtown San Juan where we ate some Mofongo.

San Juan

On our drive home, I made my friends pull over so I could capture the violet sky contrast the full moon. The cat was just a happy surprise.

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